Fremantle City Dockers Junior Football Club

Exchange student from Italy scored a goal with his first kick in AFL Football

Wednesday, August 24, 2011
by Des McKenzie
Category: Preview Post

Tommaso “Tommy” Pellegrini arrived in Fremantle July 15, with host Family the Bessens, watched the AFL Fremantle V Eagles Derby, fell in love with AFL football, requested a game, turned upto training with the Fremantle City Dockers JFC on Tuesday July 26 and Friday July 29. 

 On Sunday July 31 Coach Simon Maxwell had no hesitation in selecting him in the Fremantle City Dockers 16/17s Team as Ruckman/Forward and he assisted in the team beating a depleted but feisty Jandakot team. 

A couple of minor hiccups on the way, a 50 metre penalty for not delivering the ball to the opposition player, he dropped in on the ground ala rugby. A free kick awarded against him for holding the ball after believing he took a classic chest mark, did not hear the umpire call out “touched ball” and a penalty for holding the ball as he attempted to barrel his way through the pack for ten metres holding tightly onto the ball

 Tommy is an Italian school representative rugby player, a participant of the AFS Intercultural Student Exchange Program, currently a student at John Curtin SHS for the next 6 months, Year 11. An accomplished trumpet player he is also a member of the John Curtin Jazz Ensemble. 

Presidents Comments - a really nice lad passionate about his sport and a great asset to any team, in particularly the 16/17s team from the Fremantle City Dockers JFC. 

Tommy was rewarded by his new team mates with the customary showering of drinks whilst singing the club song